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The Quintessence Neighborhood Association has committees to assist supporting our goals and increasing communication within our borders as well as neighborhoods and homeowner associations nearby. If you live within the boundaries of the Quintessence neighborhood, please consider volunteering your time to support one or more of the following committees:

Architectural Control Committee -
1) receives, reviews, and approves or denies requests as outlined in the Restrictive and Protective Covenants for the Quintessence Subdivisions.
2) educates residents about Quintessence covenants and city zoning requirements, and encourages homeowners to comply. For additional information regarding this committee, go here.

Note: Copies of QNA covenants and bylaws are available here.

Outreach - Plans special events such as holiday parties and assists at general meetings. Includes coordination of food, supplies and games for children as needed.

Newsletter - The QNA newsletter is mailed to all Quintessence residents and will include updates on current issues. We currently need a volunteer to assemble the newsletter in MS Publisher (or another software program of your choice). We hope to publish a newsletter once a year, prior to our annual meeting; more often if time and volunteers permit.

Neighborhood Watch - Residents of a one block area (20-25 houses maximum) may form a neighborhood watch. APD staff attend an organizing meeting to discuss residential burglary prevention and home security with particular attention to doors, windows, and other potential points of illegal entry. Those attending are registered in the Operation Identification program and are informed of area crime data. By selecting a Block Captain to function as a neighborhood leader in crime prevention, the organized neighborhood may then purchase NOAC (Neighborhood Organized Against Crime) street signs featuring the "Watching Eye." For more information on how to start a program in your area, please go to the City of Albuquerque Neighborhood Watch website.

To volunteer for any of these committees or other assistance to the Association, please email the webmaster who will forward your message to the appropriate party.

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