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The Quintessence housing subdivision is located in Albuquerque New Mexico's far northeast heights. The Quintessence Neighborhood Association (QNA), was established in September 2003 and received official recognition as a neighborhood association by the City of Albuquerque (through the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination) in January 2004. Formal election of Officers and Board Members takes place at the annual Neighborhood Association meeting in April of each year. For a listing of current Officers and Board Members go here.

If you live in Quintessence, this website will assist in learning more about QNA--in fact, join the Association! The purpose of the Association shall be to enhance our area of the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, State of New Mexico bounded on the West by Holbrook Street, bounded on the North by Coronado Avenue, bounded on the East by Eubank Boulevard, bounded on the South by Larnaca Road and by the lots on both sides of Alexandria Road, to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action. Our members strive for the quality of life in our area to be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural and historic needs and interests of the residents. To this end, the activities of the Association may include, but are not limited to, sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fundraising, and public education programs, as they are deemed necessary.

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